Tips on Small Space Living

In an ideal world of self-sufficiency, small spaces are the best to be in. Living in a tiny apartment doesn’t necessarily mean a cramped space, it is, of course, challenging to decorate but with a little planning and expert help, you can make your home unique, functional and extremely beautiful. Here are some tips to live king-size in minimal space.

Planning is the key
Identifying the function of every room, precise to every nook and corner is the key to living large in small spaces. Do you need that storage in the kid’s room? If you feel a curved sectional be a better fit instead of a sofa and a couple of chairs? Whether the door organizer in the kitchen would sort out the space issues?
Asking the right questions will help you identify your problem areas and come out with the best solutions, saving you valuable time and money, finally resulting in a cozy, well-designed home

Style Up
A small house doesn’t mean putting together a bunch of small stuff. Top designers know just to do the exact opposite — if your living room wall and floor area does not create the effect then one stunning light would be spot on to make that style statement – it just takes one stunning fixture to makes an impact rather than hordes of little things creating visual clutter.

Light Up
We mean literally- when floor and wall areas are a constrain, turn up to the ceiling for lighting – wall scones in your living room, pendant lighting suspended from swag hooks over your dining area and by your bed. For added effect, you can use those unused corners to place floor or table lamps casting light up to the ceilings. Play with the lights so that the room including the ceiling is lit up and creates a spacious feel.

Colour up
Using warm and soft shades to cover most of the wall area makes the room feel larger, brighter and airier. If you are one for variety, you could choose a bright colour on a wall such as behind the sofa to change the mood a little. Play around with hues and colours to accent the décor – a nice area rug or a small centerpiece table could bring in your style to space.

The beauty in decorating small spaces is to have things which are useful yet bring immense joy. Beautiful multi-functional furniture would be a great investment. An ottoman which can be used to stretch yourself as well as used as seating, a folding table which can double up as a coffee table or a buffet table, or a bench which could be used both as a table and seating. Options are unlimited just know your need and have the eye to pick the best.

Live light and bright – have things which give you happiness as well as being extremely useful. Clear out all the extra things which drain out your energy and space and enjoy your well-done home. If you are confused how you can do the above get in touch with the experts at interior designing.

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