Trendy Two Toned Kitchens !!!

A Kitchen where nothing is out of place, a space with a touch of class and style, beautiful walls and rustic cabinets, modern countertops, brass faucets – a pretty picture where you would want to cook, enjoy to clean, one which invites you to spend more time in there. Yes, this could be your dream kitchen.
Out goes the drab shades of black and brown, welcome to the trendy colourful world of two-toned kitchens. This concept is taking homeowners by storm, you want in too? Here are some ideas to tone up your kitchen.

Pick your style
To start off with – choose what would be your center of attraction what would showcase your style. Would it be a contrasting kitchen island with monochromatic cabinets, a white kitchen with contrasting drawers, or adding visual variety?to your cabinets. Play around with arrangements and colours or ask your designer to show you how you make your space more functional and add a splash of colour to make your kitchen not only complete in the aesthetic sense but attractive too.
Consider having a look at trending shades such as UltraViolet, Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year or a jewel tone as they style up your kitchen by several degrees.

Think beyond Paint
If a bold colour is not your thing, no need to worry. There is a world of choices, here are a few variations up for the take. Dark wood for depth and character. Style it up with steel and stone. More modern, then add glass or aluminum. Just class, then go for white and wood. There are tons of combinations you could go for.
Successful designing of your kitchen is the key, if you plan to mix and match. Take the time to do meet interior designers or do some research online to find out which combinations enhances your kitchen aesthetically and functionally. Finally, you will have the kitchen you can be proud of.

Light and Dark
Lighter shade on the top cabinets amplified by darker shades on the lower cabinets is a common way of using colour in two-toned kitchens. Not only does the darker colour help your space ground well but the contrasting lighter colour brings out the style you had in mind. A safe and common practise is to use white or ombre as your lighter colour. Your kitchen also looks brighter and airier with light colours on the top cabinets
You could further style it up, by repeating the colours in your kitchen appliances.

Harmonious mix of colour
Once you have decided on the design and colours for your kitchen, ensuring that the combination is soothing to the eye and the colours harmoniously blends into each other. Paying attention to a few details will ensure that the kitchen is absolutely delightfully.
Designing and planning your contrasting colours could make it a pleasurable experience rather than you getting overwhelmed. You could mix your colours together in a few ways. A cherry coloured island would go well with ash coloured cabinets and quartz countertop. Ensuring both the upper and lower cabinets come from the same colour palette is a safe bet to a pleasant kitchen. If you are the adventurous kind and would want two distinctly different hues then you should consider pairing trims and accents with complementary colours.

Trendy Kitchen is nothing new, but what is happening now is exciting for us, as two-toned kitchen cabinet design is not only here to stay but it gives more scope to experiment with colours to suit your style and mood. The only challenge is finding the right mix to bring awesomeness to your kitchen. Try styling up with our recommendations or meet us for more ideas.

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