Pretty Plants for your bathroom

Do we see you frowning upon the idea? Give it a thought, we are sure you agree that plants cheer up any space, they do not just bring in beauty, they bring in an innate feeling of freshness and joy. It is scientifically proven that they improve the quality of air in your home too. What better place for plants then! as bathroom have both humidity and heat to grow plants, and even better if there is the sun streaming in through the windows or exhaust. If the bathroom lacks natural light, no problem, there are plants which suit low light environments too. Take your pick from our list:

Golden Pothos is commonly known as Money Plant:
Yes, our very own Money plant (not Money tree which is different), it is one- no fuss no mess plant. Grows with very little light and can easily grow out of a bottle of water too. You could jazz it up a little by adding a layer of marbles or pebbles to it. A nice addition to the exhaust window sill.

Lucky Bamboo:
These inexpensive Bamboos can grow straight out of a container of water you could choose a shaped one, yes, they do come twisted in different shapes. The best plant for a windowless bathroom. They are highly recommended by feng shui to suppress bad water energy.

Neon pothos:
They infuse a burst of bright colour in the bathroom. The shape of the leaves is like that of the money plant except that it is neon coloured.

Peace Lily:
A pretty air-purifier for the bathroom, they neither need much attention nor water. The best way to water them is to under the shower just enough to dampen the leaves

Spider plants:
These guys are great additions as they enjoy humidity and less light, have them tastefully hanging from a wall or ceiling and you have your bathroom styled up.

Aloe Vera:
Nothing like having your own ayurvedic pharmacy in your home. Its fleshy leaves provide healing internally and externally. So how about one in your bathroom to cure cuts, burns, bruises, and remedy a whole lot of health issues. It grows well in the artificial and natural light.

Snake plant:
Nothing like a plant which needs no water or attention for weeks. Stick them to your bathroom corner, where they can show off their beauty and silently purify the air.

Small Succulents:
A small bowl of green succulents can brighten up any bathroom. The greener the leaves the better suited for low light. They need very little water and easy to maintain.

Most Ferns can thrive with low lighting, their need for being misted regularly would anyway be done without effort in the bathroom. These guys are a pretty addition to any room.

These attractive flowers are just not for living rooms, they do well in the moist, warm bathrooms. They need dampened bark, not soil to grow. They can catch sunlight from bathroom windows, however, they grow well in artificial light too but with fewer flowers.

So, get set to makeover your bathroom with some pretty plants, which acts not only as your style statement but also as a reliable air purifier.

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